Think you know everything there is to know about your SD? Think again! Here are 5 Myths About Sugar Daddies you never knew.

  1. All SD’s want a sexual relationship with a Sugar Baby. False! (Say what? Yep!) The most common myth about Sugar Daddies is that they’re in it for the sex. Not to say that there aren’t SD’s that want to get between the sheets, but before you assume that’s the case with all Daddies, have an honest conversation – after all, that’s what having an arrangement is all about!

2. Sugar Daddies are all super confident. False. Your SD might be a tiger in the boardroom and a competitor on the court, but he doesn’t feel confident 24/7. There’s a soft side in there that only very few select people get to see. Do you want to be one of them? Ask questions, listen attentively, don’t offer advice and see if you can find the soft spot!

3. Every SD is looking for a slim, fit Sugar Baby. Definitely False! There are wide ranges of bodies out there that attract wide ranges of bodies. Not every SD is looking for a 36’ x 24’ 36’ shape to be by his side. Especially in the case of more seasoned Daddies, who’ve had more experience, many know they want a curvier SB to wrap their hands around.

4. All arrangements involve an allowance. Nope! If you’re thinking that every SD is on the hook for $5k a month, you’re wrong! Lots of arrangements have different elements that don’t involve a monthly sum, like casual gifts, trips or just spending time together on the SD’s dime. Most arrangements tend to involve an exchange of company for experiences, but they don’t all include an allowance.

5. Sugar Daddies are all married. Super duper false. Many SD’s are busy busy businessmen, who have very little time to be out on the hunt for a partner. They travel a lot and they need a partner who understands their needs and who isn’t always asking for something they can’t give. An arrangement is a perfect way for (even a single!) guy to have a great relationship where everyone knows the story. Not to say there aren’t married SD’s out there, but that’s not always the case.

So there you have it – arrangements at their core are about honesty, understanding and shared expectations. Add some chemistry and attraction and what’s not to like?!