Sugar Dating is ideal for so many reasons. However, just like any other relationship, things can get sticky and messy. Read on for tips to avoid the headache and stress and just enjoy your Arrangements in the Sugar Bowl. 

Get Off to a Good Start

Start your Arrangement off the right way by being totally honest and up front about exactly what you are looking for. Be clear about your budget, desired level of commitment, if you are looking for an Exclusive Arrangement or if you are looking to date more than one Sugar Baby. If you want a romantic and sexual relationship versus a platonic relationship, let her know that you are hoping the relationship goes in that direction. 

Say What You Mean and Do What You Say

Don’t be tempted to make promises to keep your Baby interested or happy unless you can make good on them. If you do make a promise or plans with her, keep them. Don’t miss phone calls, break dates, cancel plans or tell her you will take her on a vacation and then go without her. Of course life happens and there are times you will have to cancel something with her. Don’t make it a habit and make sure you call her to let her know. If you have promised to wire her money, don’t buy her a gift instead. She may be counting heavily on money or help you have promised.

Be Present

When you are with her, be THERE. Even if you are dating multiple Sugars, be present with each as though she is the only SB in the Sugar Bowl. Don’t try to make her jealous or insecure about her relationship with you.

Avoid Drama

Drama makes for a lot of headaches. What starts off as cute flirting, game playing, or being coy can flip to something far less fun if you land a dramatic SB. If she becomes demanding, jealous, tries to make you jealous, or seems to be dishonest, shut it down. Let her know that you love spending time with her but don’t have the time or patience for the theatrics and games. If that doesn’t calm her down, let her go. No matter how beautiful, fun, or perfect she may be otherwise, it will go badly if she can’t behave well in a relationship. There are so many sweet Sugars in the Bowl – don’t waste your time!