Almost all Sugar Relationships involve finances in some form. When looking for a POT Sugar, both parties are looking for an arrangement that meets either their needs or budget. Given that the relationship is not necessarily destined for marriage, this can become more complicated if the finances are more involved than simple gift giving or allowance. Here are some things to think about and plan for if getting involved in an arrangement that calls for more complicated financial commitments or evolves into one that is more financially intense.

Paying for Rent or Living Expenses

Many Sugar Daddies choose to pay for rent and living expenses for their Sugar Babies. This can be a great aspect to an arrangement as it ensures that your Sugar has a great place to live and for you to meet. However, if the relationship ends or circumstances in your SB’s life change, what will happen to the rental agreement and the remainder of rent or bills owed? Are you willing to pay out the remainder of a lease should the arrangement with your SB end? Or would you agree to give her a certain amount of time to find another living arrangement or to find another source of funds for the bills and rent?

Funding College

If you are putting up money for your Baby to attend college without also having to work, what is your plan for the end of financial support should the relationship end or change? If she is a college student she may be heavily counting on the support from you to finish her semester or degree, particularly if she is not also working or funding her education another way. Will you be paying for tuition? Living expenses? Will you be paying monthly or by semester? These are all considerations for you so she is not left disadvantaged or so you are not tied into paying bills for someone you are no longer in a relationship with.

Business Ventures

Some Daddies are willing to help their Babies fund start-up companies and business ventures or have a financial interest in their Baby’s company. Obviously with financial ties as tricky as this, you will want to hire a lawyer to ensure everything is legal and your obligations are clear. If the relationship should end or your financial situation should change, you want to make sure you are protected. Also consider that your SB may need some kind of support from you after the relationship dissolves, even if that is simply some business advice through the financial transition.

Dishonest Arrangements

If you get into a seemingly great relationship and you are generous with your SB and commit yourself to financial obligations only to find out she has not been honest with you or she becomes unwilling to meet her end of the agreement, what is your plan? Are there certain situations in which you would automatically pull all financial support for your Baby? For example, if you find she has not maintained agreed upon monogamy or she has led you on with no intentions of having a relationship with you, are you willing to continue to pay for her rent or her store credit card? Give her allowance? If no, make sure you are clear about those hard lines up front.

Sugar arrangements are generally mutually satisfying and beneficial, but because of their nature CAN sometimes be harder to navigate. When in doubt, always be honest and forthcoming with your SB at the start of a relationship or when a new financial aspect comes into play.