You’re meeting a POT Sugar Baby for the first time. No doubt she’s gorgeous and hopefully you’ve hit it off via chat or email before the first in person meeting, but here comes the moment of truth- do you click in person? Will she be attracted to you? Will she be interested in you as her Sugar Daddy? You may have a lot to offer her, but so do many other SD’s. So how do YOU stand out from the rest of the POT Daddies in the Sugar Bowl? How do you make a great first impression that leaves her excited to see you again?

Keeping Up Appearances

Physical appearance is obviously the first thing we notice when meeting someone new. ANYONE new. This is certainly no different, except that there is added pressure to look your best! Be mindful of the details. Of course basic grooming is important, but go the next step. Make sure your shave job is perfect and that all extraneous hair is removed. A lady may like a little chest hair, but ear hair is rarely desirable. Get a fresh haircut or go in for a trim to make sure the nape of your neck and sideburns are clean and sharp looking. If you have longer hair, don’t neglect the ends!  You don’t want her staring at split ends and unconditioned hair.

Use Your Senses

Be mindful of things you may not normally pay as much attention to. If you use cologne, use it sparingly. No one wants to have their senses assaulted with excessive cologne no matter how great it smells in the bottle. Use deodorant. Check your breath before leaving the house and consider going easy on offending foods like garlic, strong coffee, and onions before meeting. Take some breath mints on the way. You could have a great personality, look like Channing Tatum, and have a bank account to match, but if you have death breath, you may be out. Also pay attention to your hands- you don’t want the first handshake to scrape her palms. Use a light lotion to make sure you are soft, but not anything too heavy as you don’t want greasy, clammy hands!

Be a Gentleman

In this day and age, many old fashioned ideas of chivalry may seem outdated. However, a POT SB wants to see that you can make her feel special and valued, and part of that is showing her you know how to take care of a woman. Open the doors, pull out the chairs, offer to take her coat, pay the bill.


Ask her about herself. Really!  When nervous, people tend to babble about themselves. Instead of trying to fill the awkward spaces in the conversation, allow her to tell you about herself. Women want to know that you are interested in them and what they have to say. Answer her questions and try to keep the conversation light. Don’t be overbearing or dominating.

Leave on a Good Note

Even if the entire meeting went well, if you leave on an awkward or negative note, it will be what she thinks about when she recalls the date. Don’t give her any reason to have nagging doubts about you as a SD, the POT Arrangement, or your chemistry. Stay calm, less is more, give her a respectful and friendly goodbye with a promise to follow up with a call or email.

Actually Follow Up!

If you had a great time and you clicked in person, follow up and tell her! Don’t worry about waiting a specific amount of time to call her again- definitely not days! Don’t leave her wondering either way how it went! Call or email her and either end the acquaintance gracefully and kindly or make follow up plans!