Every Sugar Baby should have a strong flirt game – to know how to be sexy, coy, and capture interest. However, no one likes a girl who plays games, and a Sugar Daddy certainly won’t tolerate it. How do you flirt, chat, and keep him interested without crossing that line? Read on for tips on how to be a flirty, fun Sugar.

Perfect Your Profile

Your flirt factor starts with your profile. Don’t be tempted to rush through just to get yourself up and running on a site. You need to advertise yourself. Flash your eyes and give a small smile in your pictures. Show him how flirty you can be and let your personality shine. Use your bio section to be a little silly, sultry, and sassy. Tempt and tease with your words. Look through other popular SB profiles and see how those Babies are writing and advertising themselves.

Send Sexy Messages

Once you are in an Arrangement with your SD, keep him interested and excited by sending flirty pics and messages. Send pics of you in sexy clothes or showing “just enough” to make him want more. Text him about what you want without being overly explicit. Let him use his imagination.

Physical Flirt

When you are with him, give him lots of physical affection, and flirt with your touch. Lightly stroke the back of his neck in the car or put your hand on the inside of his thigh at dinner. Trace your fingers on his hands or back, or suggestively kiss his fingers. There is a time and place to be bold, explicit, and hot, and there is also a time to pull back a bit and make him want you even more!

Leave Reminders

If you have an open (not secret) Sugar Arrangement with him, leave reminders for him – a pair of panties in his car, your scent on his pillow, or a message telling him your favorite part of the previous night. If he is married or your relationship is private, do not leave anything. The worst thing for your Arrangement would be for you to cross boundaries!

Don’t Cross the Line

Flirting is fabulous, but it becomes game playing when you have no intention of following through. Don’t flirt via message with him and then repeatedly cancel in person plans. Don’t flirt sexually if you have no intention of having a sexual relationship with him. Don’t use your flirting to try to get more money or gifts from him and then drop him once you get what you want. Make sure your flirting is genuine. If you are not with a Sugar Daddy you’re attracted to, get a new one! There are tons of POT SDs out there that can make Sugar Dating fun for you. Don’t make it a bad experience for both of you by playing games!