Hottie Heaven

Hey, Big Daddy! You jumped into the Sugar Bowl for the perks, right? You were looking for hot, younger women, fun, romance, sex, and companionship, right? Are you having trouble finding the Sugar Baby you had in mind before you decided to try Sugar Dating? Are you not getting what you hoped to get out of your Arrangement or are you having trouble finding a POT Sugar Baby who fits the bill? If so, read on!

Presentation Counts

How you present yourself online (and when freelancing) makes a difference in the kinds of SBs you are going to attract to you. There are thousands of hot Sugar Babies online, looking for the perfect Sugar Daddy… but there are also thousands of Sugar Daddies out there ready to make some baby very happy! So how are you supposed to snag the best babies in the bowl? Market yourself well!

Babies Want Bank

We understand that every SD will have his own Budget. He will have a specific idea of what kind of relationship he will want with his SB. Some Daddies want someone to talk to or hang out with. Some want company for dates. Some want a committed, long-term, sexual relationship, and some want to date multiple Sugars. ALL of those options are great, and the fact that you can be upfront about what you want from your Arrangement is one of the great perks of Sugar Dating. However, one thing is true across the board for all Sugar Babies looking for a Daddy. They all want compensation. Some are fine with gifts and lavish dates or to be wined and dined. Some want help with bills and living expenses or tuition. And some want it all. However, it is true that NO BABY is looking for a Splenda Daddy or a Salty Daddy. Don’t go into the Sugar World looking for a lot by giving a little – things will go sour very quickly.

Money Talks

Show her up front what your budget is. Be very clear and don’t play games about money or compensation or what you are willing to offer in return for her companionship. If you know off the bat that things will change based on how the relationship progresses, let her know, but it is still best to not lowball her until she proves herself to be a good fit for you. Offer her fair and generous compensation and always follow through. Don’t be cheap and don’t be a cheat! The sweetest baby in the bunch is looking for someone who knows how much she is worth!