If you are a married or attached Sugar Daddy looking to hookup or date on the side, the Sugar Bowl is the place for you. It can be easy to find a Sugar Baby who understands and accepts your lifestyle and what you are looking for from her. However, there are some things to keep in mind so that Sugar Dating is hassle-free and fun.

Spell it Out

Be clear with any potential SBs that you are not looking for a long-term, lifetime relationship – that you are already attached and are looking for a Baby to complement your life, not complete it. While that may seem unnecessary to say, say it anyway. Always be up front and clear about your expectations and what you want. The last thing you need is for a Sugar to go sour if she develops feelings for you or demands you rearrange your life.


Have check-ins once in a while to let her know that you love spending time with her and enjoy being her SD and that it is adding to your life – that having her in your life is working perfectly just as it is. Check in with her about her feelings. You will want to know where she is at emotionally so you aren’t surprised if she has very different feelings than you do!

Stay Private

Even though your SB has access to you, she should never have access to your wife, partner, or family. Discuss your home life in general terms if you like, but don’t give out private details or information. Keep a safe distance between the two worlds. Until you fully trust her (and maybe not even then), don’t give out your address, and be careful how far you let her into other relationships, work, and social circles. If privacy is a large concern for you because of your marriage or children, take extra care to lay down firm boundaries.

Be There

When you are with your Sugar, be with your Sugar. Being the Other Woman can be a hard gig, no matter how casual the relationship. Make sure that when you are with her, your SB knows that you are there, present, and enjoying her company. Let her know that she is important in your life too. There is nothing more fun than an arrangement with a Sugar Baby who knows she is valued, wanted, and desired!