Valentine’s Day is almost here, and it is one holiday you don’t want to mess up with your Sugar Baby. No matter what kind of Arrangement you have with your SB, no woman wants the holiday to come and go without acknowledgment, hence the number of movies made about women comforting each other over boxes of chocolate and bottles of wine when the men in their lives fail on the big day. It might not be Christmas or a birthday, but Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that your Sugar is going to expect romance, whether you are a natural romantic or not.


You may have other obligations, a wife, relationship, multiple Babies, or a crazy work schedule. It can be a lot of pressure to be expected to come up with something amazing to wow her with. No matter what your plans are on the actual day, or what your other commitments are, be sure to plan something ahead of time so that the day doesn’t come and go without a mention. There are lots of ways to make sure she feels special and appreciated, even if you can’t be there with her.

Always Flowers

Start with flowers. They may seem clique, but there are very few women who would turn down a beautiful arrangement of roses or tulips. Even if she isn’t a flower person, it is a classic romantic gesture and is more about the thought put into it than the actual bouquet. If she’s a classic Baby, send red roses. If she is trendy and artsy, send something unexpected like violets, orchids, tulips, or lilies. If she’s very current and picky, send her succulents in a minimalist geometric pot.


All women like jewelry. They tend to like different jewelry depending on their personal style and age. What was in fashion 10 years ago is not what a Young Sugar Baby is going to want, so check on the internet or ask your jeweler for the latest styles and trends. Even if your SB has a classic or preppy style, there are different settings, metals, and styles trending by the season. You can always ask her to show you some pieces she likes so you have an idea of what she would wear.

Wisk Her Away

If you are available to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her, make a big deal out of it. Romance is likely to be rewarded! Make reservations at a trending new restaurant, order lots of wine or champagne. Splurge on dessert and details. Rent a suite for the night and surprise her with gifts, candles, pampering, and new lingerie.

The most important thing you can do is to make your Baby feel special. She knows this is not a life-long relationship, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want the perks that a relationship brings. Make her feel appreciated and thought of and she is sure to return the favor!