People might assume that all Sugar Daddies are brimming with confidence and oozing charm – a lady’s man, if you will. That may be true for some, but not all POT SDs are confident or outgoing. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want all that the Sugar Bowl has to offer! So how do you stand out, make good connections, a great impression, or win over a Sugar Baby? No worries, Shy Sugar! We can help.

The Internet is Your Friend

One of the greatest things about Online Sugar Dating is that you don’t have to put yourself in uncomfortable face to face situations to find what you’re looking for. This is true for all online dating, but especially for Sugar Dating, where you are looking for a specific type of Arrangement. Take the guesswork out of the game and find exactly what you are looking for in a Baby on a Sugar Dating Site. 

Go Slow

If it takes you a while to feel comfortable with someone or letting your guard down, take your time online to chat and then move on to phone calls or video chat, or whatever you are most comfortable with. You can get to know potential SBs before ever meeting, and weed out the Sugar Babies you don’t have a connection with. Take as much time as you need to feel confident and comfortable before meeting!

Meet Somewhere Familiar

When you decide to meet a POT SB in person for the first time, go somewhere familiar that is comfortable for you, that way you don’t have the added stress of an unknown environment. Get there early and calm your nerves before she arrives, so you can feel confident, not rushed and stressed when it is time to meet.

Open Up

Let her know early on that you are shy and that dating doesn’t come as naturally to you. Hopefully you will meet someone who will either take the reins and lead a bit, or who will be sensitive to your needs and be patient while you take your time. Either way, being open means she won’t confuse your shyness with disinterest.

Know Your Worth

You don’t have to be a bold or outgoing person to be happy in a Sugar Arrangement. There are thousands of Sugar Babies looking for the right Sugar Daddy for them, and many of them may be more comfortable with a more reserved SD. Remember how much you have to offer, and just be yourself!